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Yocan ZIVA Smart Cartridge Battery

Yocan ZIVA Smart Cartridge Battery

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Yocan ZIVA Smart Cartridge Battery

S M A R T .   P O R T A B L E .   D I S C R E E T .

The Yocan Ziva Smart Vaporizer Mod is the latest oil and wax vape mod from Yocan and is touted as a smart device that promotes discreet sessions — perfect for those who are looking to get a quick fix when they âre out and about. Ideal for consumers of all levels, the Yocan Ziva Smart Vaporizer Mod is the device you have been waiting for.

Incognito Cart

Draw Activation

Fits up to 2g Cartridges 

A POWERFUL BATTERY - Equipped with a 650mAh battery, the Ziva lasts long enough for you to reap the benefits of your favorite wax and oil materials. The battery, depending on one’s consumption needs, can last from one to two days. The battery can be charged using a USB type-C charging cable, which means that it can charge faster than similarly priced devices that are fitted with a micro-USB charging cable.

ALUMINUM ALLOY BODY - Protecting the Yocan Ziva Smart Vaporizer Mod is an aluminum alloy housing that ensures that the internal components of the vaporizer box mod are secured when you place it in your pocket. The device will remain in good shape as the aluminum body is strong enough to withstand minor bumps and falls that you will still enjoy the box mod after months of use as if you just pulled it out of the box.

A DISCREET VAPORIZER - Hidden under the aforementioned aluminum body is the cartridge that contains your select waxy and oily materials. Hiding the carts, instead of loudly displaying them out of the device, helps in achieving a discreet session. Not only does this approach ensure that you can vape discreetly but also it allows you to protect your cartridges from damage and from the elements.

SMART WAY TO VAPORIZE - The Ziva is equipped with an auto draw technology, which means you will no longer have to press any buttons to activate the heating element. Instead, all one needs to do is to inhale from the mouthpiece and the Yocan Ziva Smart Vaporizer Mod will immediately recognize that you are triggering the heating element. Further, Yocan equipped the device with a strong interference technology so you can enjoy uninterrupted vaping.

VARIABLE VOLTAGE - By pressing the power button, one can easily change the running temperature setting from the lowest to the highest. The lowest voltage level is at 2.6 volts while the middle voltage level is at 3.2 volts. Meanwhile, the highest temperature level is rated at 3.8 volts. The range covers just about all the temperature levels you need for extracting the best results from your wax concentrates and essential oils. The three voltage levels can be identified by the lighting displayed on the power button. These lights are blue, green, and red respectively. By selecting from the three, you can easily customize your sessions to fit your needs.

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