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Victory Liquid

Maxx ICE 100ml

Maxx ICE 100ml

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SLUSHY ICE - Name says it all! A 7-11 Blue Raspberry Slushy! on ICE - Spot on and delicious nothing more needs to be said. MAXX SLUSHY ICE is MAXX Flavor, MAXX VG and MAXX VAPOR

APPLE ICE - Like Biteing into a Fresh Green Apple is almost the best thing ever. To make this flavor even better we added Pear To Create the Ultimate Fresh APPLE ICE VAPE.
PEACH ICE - Have you snuck a bite out of a Ripe yet lightly firm Peach in your local Organics isle, its super cool almost frozen and a mouth full of Peach flavor. Well this is it! SPOT on FRESH PEACHES on ICE.
MELONS ICE -Making a FABULOUS Mango Eliquid cant be done with just 1 flavor, you need depth and sophistication thats why we used a unique blend of Cantaloupe and Papaya to round of this FRESH Blast of Juice.
COOLADA ICE - Pineapple, Coconut, Pina Colada as FRESH and JUICY as being fresh picked.

BERRIES ICE -MAXX ICE brings the taste of a mouthful of fresh Strawberries, Raspberries & Blueberries to LIFE!
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