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Hohm School 4 Battery Charger

Hohm School 4 Battery Charger

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Hohm School4 Battery Charger

Based on the Hohm SCHOOL platform, but now with 3x BLD (Battery Length Detection) Systems + the new IPR (Input Power Regulator) integration. There is NO NEED FOR A SCREEN…it does everything including a 100% automation for proper amperage output so it extends cycle life and eliminates users from causing damage to their batteries. The BLD system is built directly into charger, which enables it to automatically step up/down the amperage charge rate dependent on battery size. Input Power Regulator integrated directly into unit as well…which makes it so there no more stressing USB power adapters or ports. Hohm Tech also added a responsible low-voltage system of 2V Activation where it will stimulate the battery with a mild 0.2A until it reaches 2V.

This is the charger that truly does not need a screen.  It is 100% autonomous.  It utilizes solid and pulsing LED indicators for fast/easy reading. Furthermore, it charges PCB/PCM equipped li-ion batteries with no problem. It is made of non-ABS fire-retardant compound and has industry-only Multi-Groove positive contact for optimal energy flow.

Product Specifications:

Battery Capacity: 4 Batteries

BLD Automation: 0.5A, 1A, and 2A

Charging Current: 4A (combined)

Comes with Charger: HC USB-C Cable and User Manual

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