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Uwell SoulKeeper Mech Mod UNREG

Uwell SoulKeeper Mech Mod UNREG

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Uwell SoulKeeper Mech Mod

T H E W I L D P O W E R - M O R E T H A N M E E T S T H E E Y E .

Exciting new products are coming soon from Uwell!

Main Features:

Works with a single 18650 / 20700 / 21700 battery - no extra battery sleeve

LED indicator indicates battery capacity

Innovative Electronic Switch

AVAILABLE IN THREE COLORS - The non-stick coating on the black and white versions provides better oil and fingerprint resistance, making the mod smooth and comfortable to grip. The fluorescent version with the unique totem pattern will emit a dreamy glow in the dark.

INNOVATIVE ELECTRONIC SWITCH - The electronic switch fires faster and is safer. It eliminates arcing and prolongs battery life and performance.


Material: Brass

Size: 25.6mm x 93.5mm

Net Weight: 106g

Maximum Wattage: 110W

ADVANCED MECH MOD WITH CHIP PROTECTION - The advanced mech mod offers instant power like a regular mechanical mod and also has all the safety features.

Short-circuit protection, low power indication, overtime protection, open-circuit protection, temperature protection, and reverse battery protection.

COMPATIBLE WITH 18650 / 20700 / 21700 BATTERIES WITH NO SLEEVE - With this mech mod, no sleeve is needed to swap between 18650 / 20700 / 21700 batteries. Simply remove the mod upper cap and the mod base, rotate the tube 180° and then screw both caps back on.

LED INDICATION - The color of the LED light indicates the battery levels for your convenience.

Green is high, Blue is medium, and Red is low.

Box Contents:

1 x SoulKeeper Mech Mod

1 x User Manual

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