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Titanium Pencil with Carb Cap By Honeybee Herb

Titanium Pencil with Carb Cap By Honeybee Herb

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  • Gr2 Titanium
  • Pencil Can Connect To Carb Cap Base
  • Carb Cap is included

The Titanium Pencil With Carb Cap is a LEGEND in the realm of dabbing tools. An incredible spin on our Titanium Pencil, we're confident you'll appreciate the carb cap addition. Just looking at this tool, it's easy to see just how the usability is in comparison to other tools in the industry. With the Titanium pencil design, holding this piece is beyond easy. And while the aesthetics are insane, the uses for this tool make it one of the best on the market today.

For all dabbers interested in a multi-use tool, Titanium Pencil With Carb Cap is the one you'll want to order. They also come in Gold or silver and include 25mm or 27mm options. An easy-access carb cap also means you can turn the tool over to put the butt of it on your rig. Inhale deep, and enjoy the tasty flavor-infused hit of concentrate. The only eraser on this pencil is the hard hits this tool brings forth! For those looking for more of a twist, try our Titanium Bent Pencil!

And for anyone in need of a grinder for dry herbs, our Multi-Chamber Grinder is a must-have! Oil is great, but some of us choose herbal remedies every once in a while. Make sure you have the best of both worlds with this aluminum Honeybee Herb tool. The design includes slide grips too, making this grinder one that will never slip from your hand. Make sure to include your Multi-Chamber Grinder in your cart if you don't already have one!

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