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Puffco Puff Peak Kit

Puffco Puff Peak Kit

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The Puffco Peak needs no introduction. Regarded as the best concentrate vaporizer for dabs the Puffco Peak has a cult like following which makes sense given Puffco is an established name in the concentrate vaporizer space. The Puffco Peak will accent and unlock the best flavor and vapor from your wax and shatter for an amazing dab experience.



    The Puffco Peak is made with a rugged silicone base with excellent ergonomics. Hand blown borosilicate glass and a ceramic chamber make it quality all around


    Hot or cold load your dabs into the Peak chamber and have at it with 4 heat settings in 20 seconds or less


    A session mode vaporizer the Peak will give you about 30 dabs per charge. Great to go back and forth with amigos


  • Puffco Peak
  • Carrying Case
  • Tether
  • Cleaning Swabs
  • Dab Pick
  • Micro USB charger
  • Carb Cap
  • Extra Ceramic Bowl



    If you are looking for a cutting edge portable dabber, the Puffco Peak dab rig vaporizer has the features and performance qualities that you have been searching for. This dab rig vaporizer is designed to maximize efficiency and give you the top-notch experience you desire.


    You may have already heard some of the buzz around this device, which has been garnering quite the reaction in online circles. Fortunately, this vaporizer has the superior design necessary to deliver on the hype. For a dabbing rig that puts control of the experience in your hands, you’d be hard-pressed to find a superior product.


    The Puffco brand has been synonymous with a superior dabbing product since its debut in 2013, and this new product is no exception to the brand’s sterling trend.

    This dabbing rig is a technologically state-of-the-art product that will overshadow the lineup of portable dab rig  vapes currently available on the market. Whether you are new to dabbing, or if you are a well-traveled user of dabbing products, this innovative device is well-poised to upend your routine in the best possible manner.


    Although the Puffco Peak is reminiscent of the traditional dab rig that seasoned dabbers are used to, it is diminutive in size, measuring in at a height of only 7 inches tall with a base of 2.75 inches. The device’s small size maximizes its aptitude for portability. Despite the small size of the Peak, its potency and performance is unparalleled and it will revolutionize your dabbing experience by unlocking the real power of concentrates.

    A single button on the base controls the product. The device features a battery that can be recharged and used up to four times a bowl made of ceramics that can be removed, and four different settings for temperature, affording the user the control necessary to fine-tune each dabbing session. The LEDs on the bottom of the base indicate which of the 4 settings is currently selected.


    Using the Peak is convenient and simple. Unlike traditional dabbing rigs, the Puffco Peak doesn’t require a torch to be used. This allows the user to get the dabbing experience and product performance they need whether they’re having fun at home, visiting a familiar location, dancing at a favorite concert venue, or having an adventure out in the unknown. The Peak is especially effective for quick dabbing, since it takes only 20 seconds for it to sufficiently heat.

    The Peak has four temperature options, allowing the user to adjust for the size of the dab: an oversized dab can be tackled with the 600 degree setting; a large-sized dab can be downed with the 550 degree setting; a medium-sized dab is ideally suited for the 500 degree setting; and a small-sized dab is perfect for the 450 degree setting. By offering a number of possible temperature configurations, the Peak delivers the right performance every time you dab!



    With all vaporizers it’s important to give it a full charge before the first use. The Puffco Peak Charges via a micro USB port in the back of the unit’s base. The Peak will fully charge in about 1.5 – 2 hours with the wall charger. It is not recommend using your computer USB port as it could be a few hours longer. 

    Filling the Glass, Loading the Chamber 

    Fill up the glass with a small amount of water (2 oz.) making sure to not overfill and attach to the base of the Peak. Next you can either. 

    1. Cold load – adding your concentrate to the atomizer before turning the unit on
    2. Traditional load – turn unit on and add concentrates once you are at temperature

    Powering On

    • Long press of the button on the front end of the base under the heating element will engage the unit.  
    • Adjust temperature here with single clicks which are shown via the changing LED
    • Puffco Peak Temperature Settings To the Cloud vapor Store
    • When you reach the temperature setting you want click the home button twice
    • A slow pulsing LED will let you know it’s heating. In roughly 20 – 25 seconds your Peak will triple vibrate letting you know it’s reached  temperature and you can begin to draw.



    There are different ways to use the Peak portable dabber. The first option provides a more traditional experience for the user. When the nail is sufficiently heated, the dab can be dropped into the chamber. However, the second method of use allows for the capping of a dab before the nail is heated.

    The unique “Sesh-Mode” setting is especially convenient when it comes to dab sessions with friends, as it causes the nail to remain heated between dabs. This can be activated simply by tapping the button on front twice in a row, allowing for easy utilization.

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