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Groovy Fruit Terpy AF Gummies

Groovy Fruit Terpy AF Gummies

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Groovy Fruit CBD is Rich in THCV and CBDV, but also a quality source of CBD (Ratio of oil used is 16% varins and 60% CBD - scan QR for full report.)

The Maui Wowie name on the Groovy Fruit Terpy AF Gummies isn't a gimmick; the Groovy Fruit CBD Gummies are flavored with a strain-specific profile of real terpenes. 

Groovy Fruit CBD gummies are formulated by a 30-year veteran compound pharmacist.

Authenticated for purity, accuracy and compliance by AuthentiKola, the new standard-bearer for consumer confidence in the hemp and cannabis industries, and that information is easily accessible to the consumer by simply scanning the QR code on the bottle. 

Groovy Fruit CBDV Gummies are Delicious and effective AF. 

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