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Victory Liquid

Candy King Salt 30ml

Candy King Salt 30ml

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Batch - Assorted Fruits with Sour Lime Candy Flavor

Belts- Sweet & Sour Strawberry Candy

Berry Dweebz- Sweet & Sour Citrus

Gush- Juicy Candy

Hard Apple- Delicious Blast of Sour Green Apple Candy

Jaws- Blue Raspberry with a Splash of Vanilla

Peachy Rings- Sweet & Sour Peach Rings Candy

Pink Squares- Strawberry Soft Taffy, Like Pink Starburst

Sour Straws- Sour Blue Raspberry Candy

Strawberry Rolls- Strawberries with a Fruit Snack

Strawberry Watermelon Bubblegum

Worms- Just Like the Candied Worms


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